fixing ssl error 12057 in cisco clean access Oak View California

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fixing ssl error 12057 in cisco clean access Oak View, California

Change the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file by adding a line similar to this one: ListenAddress IP_address_of_where_you_want_ssh_to_allow_connections For example: ListenAddress Issue the service sshd restart command to restart the SSHD process. However, If the CCA Agent is on the machine the CCA Agent Login box 'pops-up and after we attempt to 'login (Allow All) we receive the following error: Network Error! A log event is written to /perfigo/logs only if the system encounters a severe error, such as: –CAM cannot connect to CAS –CAM and CAS cannot communicate Caution Do not leave Transfer the certificate to your Mac machine.

If you are not deploying your CAS in a production environment, you can choose whether or not to remove this certificate authority. I do not have DNS server in my network , so I am using  public DNS servers like See More Log in or register to post comments hugomejias Tue, 07/31/2012 Step1 Download the root certificate to your client machine (or desktop). Step2 To import a Trusted Certificate Authority: a.

Step6 Type the following commands, and press the Enter key after each line. Step5 Click Verify and Install Uploaded Certificates to verify the entire certificate chain and private key in the temporary store and install the verified certificate files to the correct locations in Figure13-1 CAS Management Pages Status Tab •IP Filter—An IP packet filter that analyzes packets to ensure that they come from valid, authenticated users. •DHCP Server—The CAS's internal DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration You can always optionally Export the currently installed certificate if you need to access a backup of this certificate later.

See the Cisco NAC Appliance - Clean Access Manager Installation and Configuration Guide, Release 4.1(2) for details. Click Browse again, and choose the private key that was saved from step 1. Figure12-14 Installing Root Certificate on Mac OS 10.2 Note The 10.2 certtool cannot import a certificate into any keychain that does not reside in your ~/Library/Keychains directory. See Regenerating Certificates for DNS Name Instead of IP for additional details.

Figure12-25 Download Certificate Option 1 If the browser already has the temporary certificate installed: Figure12-26 illustrates the steps to download the certificate if already installed on the system. 1. View Currently Certificate or Certificate Chain You can view CAS Private Key and End Entity, Root CA, and Intermediate CA certificates by exporting and opening the saved file in Wordpad or This issue is due to the unavailability of the revocation information for the security certificate. I assume that this is an unsupprted VISTA issue w/ ver, but if it's not, any ideas where we should start to hunt this error down?

Step6 Type your administrator account username and password and click OK. Step1 Go to Administration > SSL > Trusted Certificate Authorities. However, the Cisco Clean Access Server does not publish it. In the Time form of the Misc tab, choose the new time zone from the Time Zone dropdown menu. 2.

image009.png Re: Web vs Agent Login -- VISTA CCA SSL Error - still 2007-08-17 Thread Pender, Anne Device Management, CCA Servers, Manage, Network, Certs, Export CSR/Private Key/Certificate, Details. -Anne From: Cisco Note Cisco Clean Access only supports 1024- and 2048-bit RSA key lengths for SSL certificates. See Chapter13, "Configuring High Availability (HA)" for details. When the CA-signed certificate is returned from the CA authority, the Private Key on which the CA-certificate is based no longer matches the one in the Clean Access Server.

To do this, use one of the following set of steps for the Mac OS version running on the machine: •Installing the Root Certificate for Mac OS 10.2.x •Installing the Root Go to Tools > Internet Options. A. What occurs if Clean Access Agent gets blocked by McAfee?

A. To resolve this issue, re-import the old private key and then install the CA-signed certificate. Filenames for upgrade typically reflect the following conventions: •cca_upgrade_4.1.x.tar.gz—CAM/CAS release upgrade file (e.g. This shows the link to download the root certificate from the user login page in the browser.

For additional reference information for importing the root certificate on Mac OS 10.2.x, see also:;en-us;887413 and Installing the Root Certificate for Mac OS 10.3.x Use the following steps to Note The CAM and CAS require encrypted communication. Components Used The information in this document is based on the Cisco NAC Appliance version 4.1.6 with CAM/CAS. Step1 Open the CAS direct access console (https:///admin).

Figure12-22 Enable Root User (Mac OS 10.4.x and Earlier) For Mac OS 10.5, launch Applications > Utilities > Directory (Figure12-23) and choose Enable Root User from the Edit menu (Figure12-24). The Time form lets you set the time on the Clean Access Server and modify the time zone setting for the CAS operating system. Verify the certificate popup has the bottom two checks for temporary certificate, or three checks for CA-signed certificate. Open the IE browser. 2.

error_internet_unable_to_download_script 12167.How do I use PowerShell to Validate XML files against an XSD? Note For standard certificate import and export guidelines, refer to Generate and Export a Certification Request and Manage Signed Certificate/Private Key. An IP address is not allowed. For example, to keep from overwriting your chain.pem file containing your certificate chain information, you can specify your Private Key filename to be a more appropriate name like priv_key.pem or something

On the CAM, go to Administration > CCA Manager > SSL > Trusted Certificate Authorities. The Cisco Clean Access Agent communicates with the Cisco Clean Access Server through the SWISS protocol using encrypted communication over UDP port 8905. Long login times with SEP v11NAC agent takes a long time to log in on PCs with Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) v11 is known to block packets from To changing the LogLevel for CAS logs: Step1 Open the CAS direct access console (https:///admin).

Figure12-6 Administration > SSL > X509 Certificate —Generate Temporary Certificate Step3 Enter appropriate values for the form fields: •Full Domain Name or IP - Either the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) Step4 Open the Utilities folder. Figure13-3 CAS Direct Access Web Admin Console—Cisco NAC Network Module Note•Make sure to precede the CAS IP address with "https://" and append it with "/admin"; otherwise you will see the redirect Figure12-9 View Currently Installed Certificate Clicking Details for "Currently Installed Certificate" brings up the dialog shown in Figure12-10 ("Certificate:").

Was this Document Helpful? This section describes the Update CAM web console page of a standalone CAS. For more information, see SSL Requirements for Mac OS X/CAS Communication. I get a Checking for the uploaded SmartEnforcer client file....

You can also increase or decrease the number of viewable items in the Trusted CAs list by choosing one of the options in the dropdown menu at the top-left of the