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fixing circ error on dvd North Hollywood, California

These are called P and Q. These tend to be more abrasive, which will help polish the CD. See the document: Optical Disc Players and Optical Data Storage Drives. Note that throughout this document, the term 'CD player' is used most often. The most important part of ANY disc is the graphics layer, as just underneath these graphics is the information required by the player to read your disc.

Scratches can be more problematic, though, in many cases they can be repaired. Thank you guys Wish you all the best, Humphrey Kimathi ======================== Here are few questions i posted to Humphrey: 1) Jestine Yong- Where can the repairer get However, a CD that is obviously clean will not benefit and excessive cleaning or improper cleaning will introduce fine (or not so fine) scratches which can eventually cause problems. Even with the sophisticated error correction used on the CD, damage to this layer, especially if it runs parallel to the tracks, can make the CD unusable. (This differs from a

Related Articles Star Wars: The Force Awakens… To Buy or Not to Buy? The service manuals rarely explain *how* the equipment is supposed to work - and then perhaps only in poorly translated Japanese! It only fogs up the disc more, and makes it harder to read. The tooth paste did not work for me, and some Italian furniture spray also did nothing.

I have successfully repaired problems like a seek failure (replaced a driver chip because it was running excessively hot) and a door sensor failure (traced circuitry to locate a bad logic Thanks I Guess /: andy aird says: May 10, 2011 at 2:52 am fairy washing up liquid worked for me… appl a small amount and as previously said… work from centre Thanks for voting! It might involve burning a CD with the firmware and rebooting the computer or player off of the disc, or there might be a way to update it right in your

says: May 6, 2009 at 4:35 pm OMG YOU SAVED MY ‘THE SIMS 2' DISC. Loading... Thus, it may make sense to repair that bedraggled old boombox after all. See the sections: "Parts of a CD Player or CDROM Drive" and "Startup Problems" for more information on the components and operation of the optical pickup and descriptions and photos of

An example of poor handling is not storing the discs in jewel cases when they are not being used. Of course, unlike a hard disk and like a phonograph record, it is really one spiral track over 3 miles long! Limited is the exclusive distributor of the "MACH 1 - Dual Arm Disc Repair Machine". "The Disk Doctor", "Got a Scratch", "Your Total CD Rom Scratch Removal System", "Your Total Disk Introduction Compact discs and the digital audio revolution The transformation of CD players and CDROMs from laboratory curiosities to the economical household appliances that have revolutionized the musical recording industry and

For more details, please read our disclosure. Doesn't really matter too much. I generally don't consider CD lens cleaning discs to be of much value for preventive maintenance since they may just move the crud around. Eliminating the components needed to separate the outgoing and return beams should result in substantial improvement in optical performance.

CD (disc) construction The information layer as mentioned above utilizes 'pits' as the storage mechanism. (Everything that is not a pit is called a 'land'.) Pits are depressions less than 0.2 Kiryu35 says: February 8, 2009 at 7:10 pm nevermind, the toothpaste just screwed up my disc even more. Therefore, unless you really do need a 250 disc CD changer with a remote control that has more buttons than a B777 cockpit and 2000 track programmability, a 10 year old Most of us take all of this for granted rarely giving any thought to the amazing interplay of precision optics and complex electronics - at least until something goes wrong.

Numb3rNinee 1,823,570 views 4:47 How to Fix Circular Scratched Xbox 360 Discs, CDs, DVDs & Blu-rays using Lip Balm\Chapstick - Duration: 9:10. check the drive with another disc, alternatively try the disc in another drive. DVD Laser Holographic Optical Element shows the HOE glued to the front of a DVD laser diode assembly. Flag as duplicate Thanks!

Except for the Sony drawer loading mechanism, belts are rarely as much of a problem in CD players as in VCRs. Loading... If you spin the disc with your hand it should rotate freely. If it doesn't put you to sleep, you will find quite a bit of interesting information in this article.

Roxy says: November 15, 2009 at 1:40 pm wow thanks I used everything on this disk EVERYTHING but the only thing that made it work was patroleom jelly it really works Whatever the issue, the steps above should be enough to try to fix your DVD drive on your own. Clean your Disc players lens regularly with a suitable product to ensure optimal viewing pleasure. Do not leave discs in the player when not in use.

If the data you need to store is important, you should make a point to use quality cd and dvd media, such as that made by Taiyo Yuden. Check to make sure the framerate on the video matches up to the actual source. j says: May 24, 2009 at 8:34 pm the toothpaste made the scratches even worst…shitty how-to man. Also, despite the fact that only one side is played, serious damage to either side can cause problems during play or render the CD totally useless.

racketboy says: June 4, 2007 at 6:03 am I kinda mentioned this above… "When you apply light abrasives like this, try to rub from the inside ring of the disc toward