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fix beejive error Millbrae, California

Please fix the issue of freezing up on selecting settings and we should be able to see the picture of people offline and online. Join Date Mar 2006 Posts 10,420 Thanks. From sending pictures and audio to multiple service support. Update to iPhone 6 please!

Please update the app to be compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!! i can't wait for someone to develop a decent aim app so i can be rid of this crap. Now, call me impatient, and I know it says here that the iPad version is coming "soon" (whenever that may be), but it needs to happen now. also by now there should be an update that makes it look more pleasing on the iphone 6 plus.

I've triple checked and my password is right. I am mobile in my job and rely heavy on my Instant Messenger from clients and co-workers ... It tells me password failed. Now you can!

Developers seem to be MIA. Does not work by wesleyhenrique on 2015/04/22 01:53 It doesn't work anymore, more than a year without any updates. Salem It must, seeing as it worked for this guy. One of the best!

Join Date Mar 2006 Posts 10,420 BeeJive FaceBook Error Advertisement Anybody see this error when logging into FaceBook Chat via BeeJive Messenger on their BB? For AIM - FREE! i like that it allows you to type in landscape mode and that you can even log into Myspace IM...but like any other person out there, there are a few things I'll be watching you.

but a few days ago i got a new itunes account so maybe thats it and my ipod is 2.2 so you might want to try making a new itunes account SubbTriClass 1,831Copyright © 2015 Free Drama Contact · Disclaimer · DMCALoad in 2.372 sec. I finally gave up and went to IM+. If I could give 0 stars I would.

But I've had that issue with AIM as well. The iPad has been out for over a month now and there's no reason for this delay. I switched from Palringo a while back and glad I did. In fact I can't even log in on ANY of my accounts on this app anymore.

November 2011 · All, we are looking for some help in translating the app description and other texts in Beejive FB and our other apps in the appstore. All Rights Reserved About Us Contact Us Sitemap | Affiliate Disclosure Site Rules Privacy Statement Terms of Service | Top Toggle navigationFree DramaHomeScience & Technologyhow to fix cracked beejive im pc Beejive lets me chat with all my buddies on MSN, AIM, Y!M, GTalk and Facebook in a single application. I was surprised I wasn't already blacklisted as I have re-downloaded Beejive previously many times and even sat through the whole The Office youtube video haha.

by I.Lo on 2016/04/07 05:43 Can we please get an update?! by ferrinn on 2014/05/03 00:21 Stopped working today. >:( worst app ever by theseabelow on 2014/05/03 00:15 gets worse with every update. I paid too much for this app for it to be this useless. Uhhhh by cece carr.

before that i checked Beejive IM didnt have any undeleted old files in my “/private/var/mobile/Applications” directory by first installing ANY version of the application then uninstalling it again. If not, just spend the $14.99 and buy the app.[/quote] BRILLIANT POST! VERY low quality for the price by Sospitis on 2009/07/02 12:45 It crashes a lot. Same thing happens when you send a message.

Join Date Mar 2006 Posts 10,420 Yes it worked before. I don't like the interface of IM+, but at least it hasn't frozen or "faded to black" on me yet. Absolutely love it!!! stored where? 0 7 years ago Reply FB Wow I'm sooooo late to this program.

I am no longer willing to wait for the app to work as it should have on the very first launch). Please please PLEASE put it back, for all our sakes!! And come out with it soon; there's very little competition for you on the iPad so far, and a great need for your product! It was WAY too expensive for the quality.

Crash crash crash by jeff.milton on 2015/04/27 13:05 I use multiple xmpp accounts and the app is unusable because it crashes every couple seconds on my iPhone 5s. ACKMN im trying the If you have been wrongfully blacklisted, and can’t find your receipt method i hope it`ll work :( wish me luck man…peace … ACKMN Sadly, it didn`t worked From what I understand, Beejive will cache all your messages for you while you’re disconnected, and can instantly notify you via POP email. why?

I would definitely like to see more IM service support (esp Facebook) and configurable auto-email on session close (ah, memories of Verichat). Or should I have one build? I only really use Beejive for gmail chat and it basically just doesn't even work.