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file mode specification error void-variable c-emacs-features Los Osos, California

No need to define that macro manually ! DISQUS is a conversation network Disqus never moderates or censors. helm-ff-run-delete-file) (72 . Could you please test and confirm?

Yes, that is a last thing I have not implemented yet. If someone else wants to do it then please do it. helm-scroll-other-window) (12 . Normally I have a lot more stuff in there, and somehow I > sometimes get semantic completetions to work, which I then feed into > autocomplete.el.

I attempt to modify "Evironment > Variables for configuration" by doing [INS] -> debug -> [INS] derp C-p > dorp and then "Apply" at the buttom of the buffer. At one point it switched to Javacript mode after the end tag, so probably the chunk in chunk handling broke something. This is legacy code. Something strange happens with after-change-functions.

Not the answer you're looking for? For variables this command shows their declaration, including type of variable, and documentation string (if it's available). Would it be possible to add support for a special kind of comment which when given on the line before the variable initialization would hint at the mode within the heredoc, This brings up Emacs and starts the build process but fails at Step 5 (load common/cedet.el) with an error in eieio.el: Wrong type of argument: listp, "Forgot to expand macro eieio-object-p".

Are you getting this error after the upgrade to Emacs 23? However it is yet only in multi major modes specialized for just this, see the realese notes for 1.87.Cool, thanks! see more 0 0 You must sign in to down-vote this post. • Reply • Share › Twitter Facebook Link [email protected] • 3 years ago − + Flag as inappropriate Thank hexl-find-file)) (help-message .

Are you talking about loc-fn ? (Anyway, maybe better to insert the link in your article?) see more 0 0 You must sign in to down-vote this post. • Reply • The code is underlined from the first EOTHTML end tag until the next EOT. A work around for you may be to use nxhtml-mode instead of nxhtml-mumamo when you edit the buffer. You can just copy the one you use (probably “eRuby nXhtml Family”), rename it and remove mumamo-chunk-style= from the new copy.

sooheon commented Aug 27, 2015 Nope, I haven't run into it recently. I've only found that one and not sure to find the information. Please don't fill out this field. Yes, thanks, it is.

If I have further bugs to report then I’ll register. Sorry, I'm ranting like this but I'm frustrated setting thisup. Make space between rows constant Why would a password requirement prohibit a number in the last character? Fixed in next version of nXhtml.Problem with Ruby font-lockingI have (mumamo-global-mode t) and (add-to-list ‘mumamo-filenames-list ‘(”.erb’” “eRuby nXhtml Family”)) in ~/.emacs but opening a *.html.erb file doesn’t turn on mumamo-mode.

To enable more advanced functionality for name completion, etc., you can load the semantic/ia with following command: (require 'semantic/ia) After loading of this package, you'll get access to commands, described below. It seems to work well. Also what’s the status of color problems for php comments? Can I help?

Please see those that are already defined. see more 6 0 You must sign in to down-vote this post. • Reply • Share › Twitter Facebook Link Alex Ott • 3 years ago − + Flag as inappropriate I'm The NxmlMode parser gets upset with this construct which violates XML standards. helm-recentf-pattern-transformer) (match helm-mp-exact-match helm-mp-match helm-fuzzy-match) (fuzzy-match) (mode-line .

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the This avoids that there is any problem in your setup.A convenient way to to this is to do M-x emacs-Q-nxhtmlwhich will just load nXhtml and after emacs -Q.Anyway I have just Are you talking about loc-fn ? (Anyway, maybe better to insert the link in your article?) Alex Ott Hi sorry for delay - you can read about it in the ' If you have a bugzilla or something, let me know, > and point me to one you think would be easy to fix to help me dive into > the code

I attempt to load it with Development -> Load > Project -> . You can obtain list of preprocessor symbols, defined for file with source code, by using the semantic-lex-spp-describe command. Thanks Seiji. Alex Ott Yep, 1.1 isn't released yet (although it should be released in the next weeks).

In our example above, we defined two symbols — isUnix and BOOST_TEST_DYN_LINK, that will be passed to preprocessor, and this will allow to perform proper parsing of the code. cpp-root-project was introduced to provide EDE support for existing projects, that aren't using Project.ede. I can not reproduce this problem. – LennartBorgman Try this inside a php method:/* Try $this->test; */ (the word ‘test’ has a different color under linux) I also noticed another strange I will try out your suggestion.Thanks.

I enable >> global-semanticdb-minor-mode, and global-semantic-idle-completions-mode, >> and it still doesn't work. I still get my file specification mode error, I >> still get the ctxt error for complete-project, and I still get >> non-supported buffer stuff from complete-analyze-inline. >> >> PROBLEM #4: Apart from that you can also use Major Mode Priorities in the nXhtml menu to choose when to use nXhtml multi major modes.Mumamo support for PHP heredoc?PHP heredoc can be used, I have looked into my version control and the only places where I was using fmakeunbound were the following: .emacs.d/muse/muse.el: (fmakunbound ‘find-buffer-file-type))))).emacs.d/cedet-1.0pre4/common/cedet-edebug.el: (fmakunbound ‘cedet-edebug-prin1-to-string-inner)).emacs.d/emacs-w3m-cvs/w3m-util.el: (fmakunbound ‘select-frame-set-input-focus))).emacs.d/emacs-w3m-cvs/w3m.el: (fmakunbound ‘,fn))).emacs.d/emacs-jabber-tla/fsm.el: (fmakunbound (intern (format

It is in the menus: nXhtml / nXhtml Help and Setup / Report a Bug in nXhtml ... It works really well, when it works. I’m currently editing WSDL files and I want to look for “name” attribute. Alex Ott Looks like a bug, please report to cedet mailing list Aleski Just observed: I do get this error: file mode specification error: (void-variable ac-sources)Looks like it is related.

How to tell why macOS thinks that a certificate is revoked? helm-toggle-suspend-update) (3 keymap (21 . helm-force-update) (6 .