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fcp field dominance error Lemoore, California

So… that's my fix. As a certified ATA (American Translators Association) translator, Tépper has translated and localized dozens of advertisements, catalogs, software, and technical manuals for the Spanish and Latin American markets. Anyone else notice this strange glitch when media managing? Should I end up with 50 or 25 fps?

The other fix is field offsetting. MC 7.0.4 - Asus P6T Deluxe V2 mobo - Intel i7 920 2.66GHz - Windows 7 Ult64 SP1 - nVidia Quadro FX 1800 - 16 Gbyte low latency DDR3 RAM - FCP seems to want to output the video but the error message won't go away! Some links to third parties listed in this article and/or on this web page may indirectly benefit TecnoTur LLC via affiliate programs.

It means nothing, you clips are not suddenly different, its still the same 1080p clip you imported ... In sub-variant 1, field 1 is duplicated in frame 1, field 2 becomes the new field 1 in frame 2, frame 2 field 1 becomes frame 2 field 2, and so You have quality i/o card an monitor in place, this should show any issues. The picture looked like this on the footage coming from Resolve or Avid.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the clip has been scaled slightly in one of these applications, in other words it has zoomed in on an interlacing error. Reply Jany says July 7, 2016 at 11:08 PM I imported my mp4 go pro movies in Final Cut Pro and the movies are stuttering. The Sony HDTV via HDMI shows the interlacing as a "blur" of fine thin lines. Copyright 2016 ProVideo Coalition, a Moviola Company.

Reply Katherine says November 18, 2013 at 8:51 PM MPEG Streamclip doesn't want to open my .MP4 gopro file? if so, then i would first need to deinterlace the clip in the event viewer, correct? What kind of field correction could this card be doing? Unauthorized use is prohibited without prior approval, except for short quotes which link back to this page, which are encouraged! Tags: EditingVideo Share: PREVIOUS POST MultiDyne To Unveil Advanced Fiber-Optic Camera

If so, how? Also, some monitors have a progressive/de-interlace output option. I won't make any promisses but I can have a look. Click here to login Moderators: Ian Graham, derekmok, Andrew Kines, Graeme Nattress, Jeff Harrell, Christoph Vonrhein, Tom Wolsky, walterbiscardi, Jude Cotter, strypes, grafixjoe, Nick Meyers, Ben King, Shane Ross  

I want to see it for myself. Or maybe I have just never noticed... GoPros sometimes corrupt recorded files. I have been to an online studio today and followed the copying of SD Digibeta tapes from my HD masterfilms, and as far as I could see there was nothing wrong

Joe's Field Fixer (for FCP7)can sort it out - instantly. I dont think it should do that, seems like a bug to me... None of these show the error. It was also visible on my grading monitors, plus on the computer monitors.

Knowing that Final Cut, instead, looks to a table of standard values when opening a file is great to know. I managed to successfully output a short piece at work yesterday but no luck at home today. If you notice aliasing artifacts (typical for highly compressed interlaced footage that gets scaled) you can change the field order of the clip in the Inspector > Info tab and change The 100% confident way to see these issues is to use an I/O and a monitor, and to quality control your output off of a deck prior to delivering.

If more memory remains free then OSX may be more likely to be able to provide it to Neat Video when it is needed for processing. So when you drop a progressive clip onto an interlaced timeline the clip will become interlaced, that was indeed the cause of your issue. What I am looking for is a 100% method to tell if the fields are actually all in the right order? I want to know what they can see on their monitors that I can't here...

When progressive, you have half that many (but a higher resolution image if it's natively progressive). Progressive? i got it going correctly by creating a new project based on the deinterlaced clip. Therefore you first need to convert it to a more editing-friendly format, such a Final Cut Pro’s ProRes.

Then used compressor to re-compress it using a field dominance of UPPER would that just bring me back to scratch? But they will however be imported in an output format not in an ‘editing' format. In #7, I covered how to deal with PsF with Premiere Pro CS5.5. I have also been thinking that interlaced will always show the jagged lines on a computer monitor.

with MC 7.0.4 + 2nd partition OS 10.10.5 with MC8... [view my complete system specs] Sat, Jan 7 2012 11:44 PM In reply to jef Joined on Sun, Feb 26 2006 Having a progressive sequence is vital to assure that any later export to progressive will not trigger any unnecessary de-interlacing of the progressive material. The two sub-variants would be the direction in which the shift occurs. Reply maximaxi says March 25, 2011 at 7:48 AM can you explain why you have "interlaced scaling" on?

Apple Info Site Map Hot News RSS Feeds Contact Us Copyright © Apple Inc. The JVC Analog monitor which is showing a SD downscaled signal via Component is showing it "the good old jittering" way. Depending on the model you have, you can use different frame rates: 240, 120, 100, 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24. If you didn't look into interlacing when taking the content through Streamclip you easily could have introduced a field dominance issue.

I've tried it with the Sequence set to None and to Upper. Leave the rest unchanged, then click TO BATCH. I figured it was easier to export the whole thing and bring it back in to cut it into clips. Maybe if I could show a picture of it then maybe it would make more sense.

Each writer / filmmaker / contributor writes based on their personal knowledge and experience. Is there a plug in I should be getting or something? But the clips were first edited in Avid using AMA linking. Thanks!

As you see, with Final Cut Pro X, it's as simple as selecting that in the New Project dialog box. Then create a compound clip from the deinterlced clip. I would like a STONE SURE WAY of knowing that a field error has NOT been "baked into" a progressive timeline along the way and exported along with this error within The main point is to get ProRes files if you plan on editing the footage.

AMD D700 graphics x2. If you're going from an HD movie file out to tape, the post house may have put the film through hardware conversion to correct what might have been wrong with the Regards Fabrizio D'Agnano Rome, Italy Fabrizio D'Agnano Rome, ItalyReturn to posts indexReport Post<< PREVIOUS • VIEW ALL • PRINT • NEXT >>© 2016 CreativeCOW.net All If I compress it for Quicktime, DVD and BluRay I get a "stuttery" playout on my HDTV, and jagged/combing edges on the computer monitors.