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fatal error out of memory socialengine Landers, California

Social Engine 4 Social Engine 4 Modules Social Engine 4 Templates Social Engine 4 Mods More... The result is that normal functioning of site is gone. Cannot get it back. Is the license a one-time purchase or an annual agreement?

This is the first time I've had this issue. Q15. Besides, Radcodes does not have access to any other 3rd party developer source code to review, test, perform any integration, and support guarantee. Initially I got the same out of memory error but it seems to have settled down now (without me doing anything).

In order to install and use our plugins, you will need SocialEngine script up and running on your website. Please email us if you have any questions or encounter any other errors. As i am reading, i hope this BIG issue ‘ll be fixed by SE team asap. For example: you have registered "pet.domain.com" (for your main pet community site), you must purchase new license for "car.domain.com" (your other car community site) because they are totally different sites.

Knox â™› " Tasks have not executed for more than 180 seconds. I have tried all the suggestions with regards max users wait time etc etc. Please try again or report this to your site administrator using the contact form. SocialFiX Amen… http://www.facerex.com/ facerex after all the negative comments from all users prefer to stay with the previous version bypasser - After this newest "great" update, my ../temporary/log/main.log is grow up

I have never hit a human in my life! What is Radcodes - ePayment Module and what payment gateway does it support? Because it was one distraction after another after that and I just never got around to it. Since upgrade, the MAXCDN is not working.

Please perform the upgrade again to be up to date and error free. Plugin Author Benjamin @bsokic 9 months ago "clicking save options takes me to a completely blank page" - The reason is again php memory limit, it would be best to contact I have to say - they often act as if they could care less about your visitors and members. Serious Good point Knox but many of us have a lot of money, time, and an audience to keep satisfied.

I have upgraded my site with every SE upgrade before this and never had one do so much damage (The Language editor is now broken, the menu editor is now broken, BTW, checked out your tweets. How can I install Moodle from Softaculous? If you have any other question please let us know socialengine.com/contact Leif Ottosson Seems like there's serious issues with the Language Manager and translations.

Lost ALL my language customizations and cannot access the Performance and Cache page. The plugin use the built-in editor (TinyMCE) that come with SocialEngine. By the way, thanks for looking me up and for your post with regards to speed. I am suffering from the same Language pack issue.

http://www.socialengine.com/ SocialEngine To review this error, please contact us here: sociaengine.com/contact http://www.socialengine.com/ Matthew You can fix this by commenting out line 10 of your {Site Root}/index.php file. Several functions may not work. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Just a heads up.

skidpics You remember then se4 came out and the importer was timing out so you had to set it in steps? might be worth looking at any .htaccess files as it can be overriden in this. About this Plugin All-in-One Event Calendar Support Threads Reviews Topic Info In: Plugins and Hacks 12 replies 3 participants Last reply from: Benjamin Last activity: 9 months ago Status: resolved Topic Note that for some hosts this is a system-wide setting.

I also agree with Beckie, in that SE is still the best value, best looking S.N framework around. My site is completely unreachable though, either the main site or wp-admin. Please upgrade to our patched version of 4.2.6 daniel i have problems the languagues modified disaparied and i SEE ALL TIME ARRAY ARRAY!!! Thanks!

But take your time, our organization is just loosing credibility, money, and employees. :/ CB Actually, I'm not a new customer. I expect my site to go down soon! The site runs normal when maxcdn url is taken off from admin panel. Q17.

http://SocialEngineExperts.com/ SocialEngineExperts.com Best solution is to roll out custom server installation and configuration on cloud servers from big plyers like rackspace or amazon. Please find attached phpinfo and install.log files. redurbana.Org This error is with the new version 4.2.6 and I have a security copy that I did 4 days ago and this is worked fine. Please email us if you have any questions or encounter any other errors.

sbgicon Do you measure with Pingdom? But if we upload more that 3 images the user is getting logged out. The profile you are looking for has been deleted or does not exist." after I click on a link of newly installed XYZ plugin? Socialengine 4 - Set module title using PHP How can a user access only one specific node, and not all nodes of that type?

Just as too many bugs in the SE platform cost them customers. Blog Our Data Centers Report a Bug subscribe for our newsletter subscribe TMDHosting Tweets by tmdhosting ...youtube Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut Please check it here = http://codenesia.com/artikel/socialengine-4x-multiple-html-injection-xss-vulnerabilities-x-cisadane.aspx Fred This has been known for months now and as far as I can tell, it hasn't been fixed!. How to fix redirect loop in Prestashop 1.6?

Cannot get my website back at all. And just as I was getting ready to download it, the phone rang. All you have to do is go to your SE Admin :: URL Setting, and get the latest code for your .htaccess file. It can be a member, a group, an event, a blog post etc..

Cheers to a good weekend y'll. vuduvision Hello Please Fix The Language Pack I Can Not Use My Site Without It, The Latest Update Does Not Solve The Problem, It Is The Problem.