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evehq error creating database Broad Top, Pennsylvania

Drailen New Eden Technology Services23 Posted - 2014.08.31 19:03:00 - [113] - Quote Drailen wrote:Tsufuri Ormand wrote:In Prism, corp wallet transactions cant let you select wallet division (shows no wallets to Get the latest version at http://evehq.net Che Biko Humanitarian Communists516 Posted - 2013.09.04 12:30:00 - [13] - Quote Rob Crowley wrote:[What makes you sure the API key should work? A query would look like this (using Drake as example):SELECT ta.*, at.attributeName FROM dgmTypeAttributes ta INNER JOIN dgmAttributeTypes at ON ta.attributeID=at.attributeID WHERE ta.typeID = 24698The ship bonuses however are not stored It's not terribly complicated, but you'll have to be modestly computer savvy to set it up.

sloooooowwwwwww .... I know, that is hard to retrieve bonuses data. ive been having issues with the HQF Editor though, whenever i pick a hull type it errors saying "failed to compare two elements in the array"with this set of data in As I said a few posts back, I'm currently working on bringing EveHQ up to date, so it will be staying as a desktop application for the foreseeable future.

And I must click "ok" each of them subsequently (placing heavy item on enter key helps) Please help me fix my db, and please put checkbox on error message like "[ Click here follow the steps to fix Evehq Error Creating Database Table and related errors. Blueprint Manager overview in Prism could be replace using the new /char/blueprint and /corp/blueprint whose content name, location name, specific location name, me , pe and more instead of the current I just created a new account on the forums to test it out, and it does work, but it is case sensitive.

Maybe Quantix added it in the meantime to keep spambots out. Drailen New Eden Technology Services17 Posted - 2014.08.28 19:13:00 - [96] - Quote It would be a massive undertaking for anyone brave enough to try. Q: … I always let it create it the database but how I can stop this error? Waiting for ME/PE release API ^^ Che Biko Humanitarian Communists636 Posted - 2014.08.13 22:53:00 - [72] - Quote Myz Toyou wrote:Just came back after 18 month break of EVE and cant

The specific error I'm getting (via a Java job) is this: error loading from …… MySQL :: MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual :: … – Creating a database does not select it If you don't care about details, you can ignore the rest of this post Reveal Spoiler The routine to write data to the custom database has a return value indicating the If it is impossible, then description text field do.Ship attributes are in the SDE database. Fly safe.Code is on bitbucket for those who wish to continue on.Yeah, I was made aware of that just after my earlier post.

coolzero Mortis AngelusWHY so Seri0Us90 Posted - 2013.09.01 00:22:00 - [4] - Quote love eveHQ no errors when updating to the new version but,,,,,,i must say that loading is slow as Beats me, why. Plus, as a feature, I think that using wpf instead of dotnetbar for UI could be a plus for further maintain. Did you set the correct access rights?

Get the latest version at http://evehq.net Dieter Rams The NommoInsurance Fraud.40 Posted - 2013.09.03 10:56:00 - [9] - Quote I heartily endorse Rob Crowley and/or his services. rstoneking Posted: 10 February 2016 09:46PM [ # 2 ] Member Total Posts: 1 Joined 2016-01-29 I am getting the same error, on two different machines. Will take a look at this today. The error was: July 10, 20127:46 am Vessper Admin Forum Posts: 230 Member Since: May 1, 2012 Offline 3 Is there an EveHQData.sdf file in the %AppData%/EveHQ folder?

should not be missed out on. Lack of interest or is it based on a weird dev-environment and there aren't so many developers on said dev-environment?Pls, forgive me, I'm asking out of curiosity as I'm not a And I managed to deal with my fear of hitting "Download API Data" in Prism. Thanks, Matthew Image Attachments Click thumbnail to see full-size image petem Posted: 06 February 2016 06:51PM [ # 1 ] Member Total Posts: 1 Joined 2015-05-19 Hi, I am

Reload to refresh your session. Incizion The Praxis InitiativeGentlemen's Agreement0 Posted - 2013.09.13 19:25:00 - [17] - Quote Blodhgarm Dethahal wrote:do you think I should just delete the folder the program is being kept in?I encountered ZoemDoef Orlenard BulletProof MonksUsurper.0 Posted - 2014.08.27 13:26:00 - [82] - Quote No, dead serious with a bucket load of optimism... with the so buggy .NET frame *wait for it a loooong loooong time * work More, may I speak about a bug here ?

Now, I think my old version's Transaction Trading Report had a total for the total profit column, was that removed for some reason? or merge with EVEHQ?EVEMon and EVEHQ are not compatible by design. Thanks. I will be looking into fixing and optimizing those sections over the next few days.

very impressed.[ 2013.06.21 09:52:05 ] (notify) For initiating combat your security status has been adjusted by -0.1337yo dawg, we heard you liek industrials, so we put an industrial in yo industrial If it turns out as good as EveHQ and faster I'll be your first user. Maybe Quantix added it in the meantime to keep spambots out. I'm currently working on Prism which is going to take a bit longer as the Crius changes are quite significant and will affect BPCalc and the recycler also.As the previous EveHQ

If you're ok with having a clean install without your old settings, just delete everything in %AppData%/EveHQ and install the newest version again. mysql - Error in creating a database table using php - Stack … – i want to create a table in the database using php (mysql_querry) … Database Administrators; Drupal Answers; July 7, 20128:07 pm brammator New Member Forum Posts: 6 Member Since: July 7, 2012 Offline 2 Also now: There was an error creating the Invention Resluts database table. You signed out in another tab or window.

Drailen New Eden Technology Services23 Posted - 2014.08.31 18:58:00 - [111] - Quote Wafou Ka'Djo wrote:Is this new updated version already downloadable? The Evehq Error Creating Database Table error is the Hexadecimal format of the error caused. If you want to code a 100k LoC project in another way to increase performance more power to you. There are two (2) ways to fix Evehq Error Creating Database Table Error: Advanced Computer User Solution (manual update): 1) Start your computer and log on as an administrator. 2)

Manufacturing in BPCalc looks to be working well so I'll need to do some testing on that, especially if you have production jobs that need upgrading.Be aware that the IndustyJobs API Read how to duplicate his methods today. I don't know yet why the server isn't working and for how long it has been this way, maybe Quantix is on vacation too, he already has been contacted though.this is ZoemDoef Orlenard 0 Posted - 2014.08.29 07:50:00 - [101] - Quote Warlof Tutsimo wrote:ZoemDoef Orlenard wrote:How big would the effort be to webify this?

I will try to support you to the best of my wallet xDI wish you the best of luck and strong nerves and may the bugs never bite you! Try clicking on the access categories in API management. Seems that in Eve Killmail plugin, if you dare try to Fetch Killmails from a toon having none (killmail), a message box pops and loops until you decide to crash EveHq Includes pilot monitoring, skill queue planning, ship fitting, industry and more.

You could also use "AND at.attributeName in ('agility','armorHP','droneBandwidth')" instead. Desmont McCallock 402 Posted - 2014.08.28 19:15:00 - [97] - Quote As massive as when I started to webify EVEMon but then I got a demanding job. I can see how CCP builds this into a webapp, making it platform independent... The blank error may be a clue.

All Rights Reserved. The check for the existence of database tables should take place on startup of Prism and if there were no errors there, it's strange that there are errors during the wallet I am willing to donate a server instance running ubuntu.Why webifying EveHQ ? Examples Example: {{Elink-ship|630|shiptype=Cruisers/Minmatar|shipname=Bellicose}} The Elink-ship at EVE-Online's Item Database [1]The Elink-ship at EVE-Extra [2]The Elink-ship at Battleclinic [3]The Elink-ship at coldfront [4]The Elink-ship at the Eve-Guides.com database [5]The Elink-ship at Allakhazam.com:

If nothing moves on this front within a couple of days (and to be honest, it's doubtful) then I'll need to look at alternative plans for hosting and updates.In Prism, corp Hopefully I can remember what some of the code looks like Perris Korat PKor A.T. Quantix BlackStar The Praxis InitiativeGentlemen's Agreement14 Posted - 2014.02.02 07:54:00 - [45] - Quote An updated version (2.13.7) has been released.