error xa_start flags 0 returned xaer_rmerr Altadena California

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error xa_start flags 0 returned xaer_rmerr Altadena, California

Executing a COMMIT or a ROLLBACK statement after XA_END has no effect on the transaction identified by xid, since this transaction is no longer associated with the current session. Examples are relational databases, transactional queues, and transactional file systems. MainPage Classes Files Directories db

xa.hGo to the documentation of this file.00001 /*- 00002 * See the file LICENSE for redistribution information. 00003 * 00004 * Copyright (c) 1998, 1999, Possible exception values are XAER_RMERR and XAER_RMFAIL. */ @Override public boolean isSameRM(XAResource xaResource) throws XAException { // Typically used by transaction manager to "join" transactions.

TMSUSPEND PLS_INTEGER UTL_RAW.CAST_TO_BINARY_INTEGER ('02000000') Caller is suspending, not ending, association TMRESUME PLS_INTEGER UTL_RAW.CAST_TO_BINARY_INTEGER ('08000000') Caller is resuming association with suspended transaction branch. Try Code: $ export XAJTA_TRACEFILE=xajta $ # recreate failure ... Possible exception values are XAER_RMERR, XAER_RMFAIL, or XAER_INVAL. */ public boolean setTransactionTimeout(int timeout) throws XAException { return false; // not implemented } /** * Starts work on behalf of a transaction Syntax DBMS_XA.XA_RECOVER RETURN DBMS_XA_XID_ARRAY; Return Values See DBMS_XA_XID_ARRAY Table Type Usage Notes The flags TMSTARTSCAN, TMENDSCAN, TMNOFLAGS are not supported.

In static registration, you must call xa_start for each RM before starting any work, even if some RMs are not involved. What happens if you do both of these things? All rights reserved. 00006 * 00007 * $Id: xa_8h-source.html,v 1.1 2008/06/08 10:25:43 sebdiaz Exp $ 00008 */ 00009 /* 00010 * Start of xa.h header 00011 * 00012 * Define a dbms_xa.xa_getlastoer RETURN PLS_INTEGER; See demo below XA_PREPARE Prepares the transaction branch specified in xid for committing the transaction subsequently if possible dbms_xa.xa_prepare(xid IN DBMS_XA_XID) RETURN PLS_INTEGER; TBD XA_RECOVER Obtains

Normally, the database is its own internal TM. We do not support joins, // so always return false; return false; } /** * Ask the resource manager to prepare for a transaction commit of the transaction specified in xid. TM can issue a commit for an RM only if all RMs have replied affirmatively to phase one. When XA_END successfully returns, the calling thread of control is no longer actively associated with the branch but the branch still exists Syntax DBMS_XA.XA_END ( xid IN DBMS_XA_XID, flag IN PLS_INTEGER)

If application threads are not tightly coupled, then they are loosely coupled. Back to top bgoldstein Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:48 am    Post subject: NoviceJoined: 14 Feb 2002Posts: 19Location: Ameren Services, St.Louis,Mo., USA Here is the output from the XAJTA trace: MQStart Dynamic and Static Registration Oracle Database supports both dynamic and static registration. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.

If multiple resource managers are involved, multiple connections/sessions must be pre-established to each resource manager before calling any the package subprograms. I also had them grant select authority to the "DBA_PENDING_TRANSACTIONS" table. Syntax DBMS_XA.XA_GETLASTOER RETURN PLS_INTEGER; Return Values The return value carries the last Oracle error code. Using this package, application developers can switch or share transactions across SQL*Plus sessions or processes using PL/SQL.

Thank you very much for helping us out with this one. See the documentation supplied with the transaction processing monitor for details. The transaction manager obtains an XAResource for each connection participating in a global transaction. BUT BE AWARE fan callbacks are on a different thread !!!

In the prepare phase, the TM asks each RM to guarantee that it can commit any part of the transaction. Possible return values are: XA_OK, XA_RB*, XA_HEURHAZ, XA_HEURCOM, XA_HEURRB, or XA_HEURMIX. See Also: Oracle Database Advanced Application Developer's Guide for more information about "Developing Applications with Oracle XA" The chapter contains the following topics: Using DBMS_XA Overview Security Model Constants Operational Notes The TM implements a two-phase commit engine to provide "all-or-none" semantics across distributed RMs.

ErrorCode:8 - is XAER_DUPID - The XID already exists Reference for XAResource : Terms Of Use Privacy Statement Download Policy Support Line Corporate Blog Cookie Policy An application must check the return value and handle error cases. XA_OK is returned if XA_START succeeds. Multiple branches make up one global transaction.

Generated Thu, 13 Oct 2016 16:41:04 GMT by s_ac4 (squid/3.5.20) Transaction Manager (TM) A transaction manager provides an API for specifying the boundaries of the transaction and manages commit and recovery. XAER_PROTO error is returned from XA_PREPARE/COMMIT/ROLLBACK/FORGET if a transaction is being associated with the current session. Hopefully, they will come up with something more for me.

i.e call tpopen only once. Usage Notes If a user needs to rollback a transaction branch that created by other users, the privilege FORCE ANY TRANSACTION must be granted to the user. Scripting on this page enhances content navigation, but does not change the content in any way. However, the transaction context is still associated with the current session until XA_END is called.

Return Values See Table 147-2, "DBMS_XA Constants for Possible Return Values" Usage Notes If TMJOIN or TMRESUME is specified in flag, the start is for joining an existing transaction branch identified Syntax DBMS_XA.DIST_TXN_SYNC; XA_COMMIT Function This function commits the global transaction specified by xid. I had the DBA run these, but that had no effect on the problem. I have done MQ traces and Java traces.

Additionally, it might be useful to see some of the MQ trace you have collected. Oracle recommended that we use the ojdbc14.jar file from and this worked. Resource Manager (RM) A resource manager controls a shared, recoverable resource that can be returned to a consistent state after a failure. When returned from XA_START, this error code indicates an active global transaction branch has been associated with the session.

Possible return values in error are XAER_RMERR, XAER_RMFAILED, XAER_NOTA, XAER_INVAL, XAER_PROTO, or XA_RB*. Because the TM controls distributed commits or rollbacks, it must communicate directly with Oracle Database (or any other RM) through the XA interface. When the TUXWA4ORACLE environment variable is set (to any value), Tuxedo performs an xa_close() following an XAER_RMFAIL before performing an xa_open(). For servers not using XA, Tuxedo has no way of even knowing that a database connection exists, and as such cannot manage the connection recovery for you.

And the big disadvantage is that each application has to make a request (which will fail) to trigger the failover. Tightly coupled branches must see changes in each other. Table 147-1 DBMS_XA Constants for Flag Field of XA_START & XA_END Functions Name Type Value Description TMNOFLAGS PLS_INTEGER 00000000 Indicates no flag value is selected. If the resource manager did not commit the transaction and the parameter onePhase is set to TRUE, the resource manager may return one of the XA_RB* code.

Please try the request again. This occurs when the application completes a portion of its work, either partially or in its entirety (for example, before blocking on some event in order to let other threads of In some cases, the calls might be implicit, for example, at the entry to a transactional RPC. Usage Notes An application must not call COMMIT, but instead must call XA_COMMIT to commit the global transaction specified by xid.

I thought that I would just throw this email out to the community while IBM is evaluating all of the doc that I sent them. There are some related details (including the mention of ThreadOfControl=PROCESS) at Back to top bgoldstein Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:51 pm    Post subject: Problem solved NoviceJoined: 14 Feb 2002Posts: Executing a ROLLBACK statement without calling XA_END first will rollback the changes made by the current transaction. The TPM synchronizes any commits or rollbacks required to complete a distributed transaction.