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error writing resource string table file Adin, California

C programmers typically prefer curly braces. Note: No option inside arg1 config file The compiler didn't find any option in that config file. Or should i create a global variable thats used as a buffer to load the strings as needed? Please fix this! Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.

Error: Set elements are not compatible You are trying to make an operation on two sets, when the set element types are not the same. Fatal: User defined: arg1 A user defined fatal error occurred. e.g. Strings can be loaded using the LoadString function.

But watch out! If an ampersand is placed before a POPUP menu item, pressing ALT+ that letter will popup that menu. And both identifiers and numbers need explanation. Error: label already defined You are defining a label twice.

Icon identifiers are generally prefixed with an "IDI_" which is short for "ID for an Icon". Error: Forward declaration of class arg1 must be resolved here to use the class as ancestor To be able to use an object as an ancestor object, it must be defined Warning: Inlining disabled Inlining of procedures is disabled. Fatal: Internal Error in getfloatreg(), allocation failure An internal error occurred in the compiler; If you encounter such an error, please contact the developers and try to provide an exact description

Warning: Enumerated can be saved in 1,2 or 4 bytes only You are specifying the {$PACKENUM n} with an illegal value for n. Error: Expression too complicated - FPU stack overflow Your expression is too long for the compiler. they get merged), and each string object, in any table, must have a unique identifier. This is introduced first for Delphi compatibility.

Error: Illegal unit name: arg1 The name of the unit doesn't match the file name. No acknowledgement that there's something wrong? User-type resources[edit] User-type resources should use some greater resource type identifiers, or RT_RCDATA == 10. The identifier was declared (locally or globally) set but not used (locally or globally).

Info: Press to continue When the -vi switch is used, the compiler stops compilation and waits for the Enter key to be pressed when it encounters a {$STOP} directive. Run time errors Up: Free Pascal : Users' Previous: B. I have even posted dumps as requested... When we have a menu with the ID_MENU identifier, we can load it into our program as such: HMENU hmenu; hmenu = LoadMenu(hInst, MAKEINTRESOURCE(ID_MENU)); Once we have this handle, we can

You can define a label only once. Error: The use of a far pointer isn't allowed there Free Pascal doesn't support far pointers, so you cannot take the address of an expression which has a far reference as end; Where ParentClass is declared but not defined. At this point, only assembler errors are not in the list.

You shouldn't mix them. Error: Illegal label declaration This error should never happen; it occurs if a label is defined outside a procedure or function. Info: arg1 hint(s) issued Total number of hints issued during compilation. At least one unit must contain the other one in the implementation section.

Fatal: Extended cg68k not supported The extended type is not supported on the m68k platform. Make sure you test this value before you use the handle. Warning: unreachable code You specified a loop which will never be executed. Error: Register calling (fastcall) not supported The register calling convention, i.e., arguments are passed in registers instead of on the stack is not supported.

The base type of a set must be the same when taking the union Error: Operation not implemented for sets several binary operations are not defined for sets like div mod Error: The mix of CLASSES and OBJECTS isn't allowed You cannot derive objects and classes intertwined . You can only call an inherited method of a parent class. Mostly when trying to evaluate constant expressions.

Warning: DEF file can be created only for OS/2 This option can only be specified when you're compiling for OS/2 Error: nested response files are not supported you cannot nest response You can find more information about this on MSDN Bitmap identifiers generally use a "IDB_" prefix, to indicate that it is the ID of a bitmap. Start reading includefile arg1 When you provide the -vt switch, the compiler tells you when it starts reading an included file. The following code woud cause such an error.

you should issue the new(a,init) statement. Error: Unknown identifier arg1 The identifier encountered hasn't been declared, or is used outside the scope where it's defined. Error: No default property available You try to access a default property of a class, but this class (or one of it's ancestors) doesn't have a default property. This section lists all messages that can occur when the compiler is loading a unit from disk into memory.

Is there any way i can preload them? Please try submitting your feedback later. Procedures cannot return a value. The situation got even worse after the Tale of Two Cities update.

Warning: ASM reader switch is not possible inside asm statement, arg1 will be effective only for next It is not possible to switch from one assembler reader to another inside an Error: compiler switches aren't allowed in (* ... *) styled comments Compiler switches should always be between { } comment delimiters. Error: Expression must be destructor call When using the extended syntax of dispose, you must specify the destructor method of the object you are trying to dispose of. Error: Re-raise isn't possible there You are trying to raise an exception where it isn't allowed.

Additional info: Rather than defining global variables for your strings, consider writing a function that loads a resource string, makes a copy of it, and returns that copy. Error: No property found to override You want to overrride a property of a parent class, when there is, in fact, no such property in the parent class.