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A subdialog can be a new dialog within the existing document. 86 [1.5.3] Yes. A variable declared using the var element is accessible to a script declared at equal more local scope. 559 [5.3.12] Yes. The interpreter throws throws error.semantic if a return element is encountered when not executing in the context of a subdialog. 550 [5.3.10] Yes. Yes.

Yes. No. If the URI associated with expr is unavailable, and the audio element doesn't contain content, no error is thrown. 377 [4.1.4] Yes. The messageexpr attribute is an ECMAScript expression evaluating to the variable _message inside the catch element which catches the event being thrown. 215 [2.2] Yes.

Yes. The interpreter ignores the block when the form item variable associated with the block is set via an assign. 263 [2.3.4] Yes. When the accept attribute of choice is set to "exact", or is not set and the accept attribute of its enclosing menu is set to "exact", or neither choice's accept attribute When an ECMAScript variable is submitted, its value is first converted to a string. 542 [5.3.8] Yes.

Upon termination of bridge transfer due to the caller matching an active speech grammar ('near_end_disconnect'), the 'name$.inputmode' shadow variable is set to 'voice'. 310 [2.3.7] No. Unified CVP: VXML Server - Error event, error.badfetch, is not thrown when an audio file cannot be played From DocWiki Jump to: navigation, search VXML Server - error event, error.badfetch, is The field element exposes a shadow variables named confidence, utterance, inputmode, and interpretation. Yes.

A dialog can receive input matching one of several active grammars. 30 [1.3.4] Yes. Yes. The confidence shadow variable is the confidence level for the name field of this interpretation and may range from 0.0-1.0. Setting next to a non-fragment URL of the current document causes the INTERPRETER to transition to the first form of the current document and reset the state of the document including

The elements of application.lastresult$ will be sorted from highest confidence score to lowest, with ties resolved by sorting by the precedence relationship among the grammars producing the interpretations. 424 [5.1.5] Yes. If you place the Catch event handler underneath a node item, it can catch the specified event only if it is thrown within that node item. Goodbye. Sorry, I don't understand the phone number. Grammar matches within menu will update the application.lastresult$ array. 224 [2.2] Yes.

If this still does not match, the Interpreter will look in the platform defaults, where the error.badfetch handler will match the prefix of the thrown error, and will catch it. Yes. No. Yes.

Setting next to a fully-qualified URL (excluding fragment identifier) that points to an existing VoiceXML document causes the INTERPRETER to transition to that document and begin execution of the first form. If the last main FIA loop did not result in a goto nextitem and there is no form item which is eligible to be visited then an implicit exit is generated. Yes. If an input matches a grammar in the form then each identified filled action is executed in document order. 197 [] Yes.

The variable associated with the name attribute of the field holds the recognition result. 233 [2.3.1] Yes. Wherever prompt is allowed, PCDATA is treated as if it had been wrapped in prompt /prompt. 525 [5.3.6] Yes. If the URI associated with src is unavailable, and the audio element doesn't contain content, no error is thrown. 376 [4.1.3] Yes. Lastly, it looks in the platform defaults.

The xmlns attribute is required on the vxml tag. 52 [1.5.1] Yes. Remaining choices that have not explicitly specified a value for the dtmf attribute will not be assigned DTMF values (and thus cannot be matched via a DTMF keypress). 204 [2.2] Yes. When a test uses hard-coded prompts and/or hard-coded grammars, however, US English is used. anonymous). 513 [5.3.1] Yes.

Each scope contains a predefined variable whose name is the same as the scope that refers to the scope itself. 406 [5.1.2] Yes. Yes. Try restarting the VoiceXML interpreter. Yes.

A bridged transfer specifying a 'transferaudio' attribute with valid URI to an audio file wil play that audio from the beginning of the transfer attempt until the attempt is terminated or Yes. Yes. The number of elements in application.lastresult$ is never more than the value of the property "maxnbest", and never less than one, unless the value of application.lastresult$ itself is undefined. 426 [5.1.5]

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