gcc error unrecognized option wall Vilonia Arkansas

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gcc error unrecognized option wall Vilonia, Arkansas

This warning is enabled by -Wall. -Wsequence-pointWarn about code that may have undefined semantics because of violations of sequence point rules in the C and C++ standards. It warns about cases where the compiler optimizes based on the assumption that signed overflow does not occur. Page 1 of 2 12 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 14 Thread: Configure error, not sure what to make of it. Unknown string arguments whose length cannot be assumed to be bounded either by the directive's precision, or by a finite set of string literals they may evaluate to, or the character

Originally Posted by MadCow108 do you know where this -qversion is comming from? Here's the relevant part of the compiling options file (debian/rules). If at first you don't succeed, try writing your phone number on the exam paper. share|improve this answer edited Nov 25 '12 at 2:40 answered Nov 25 '12 at 2:34 paxdiablo 490k1179721421 That worked!

also please upload the temporary file gcc creates, crashes on i686 are rare. I learned that I needed to install cygwin in > that case. This warning is enabled by -Wall. -Wshift-count-negativeWarn if shift count is negative. You can replace "$ROOTSYS/libs" with "$ROOTLIBS" and with TwoPad makefile reorder the library order (under LIBS += (.....)) so that -lTwoPad is NOT last on the list, and for VisuSLitrani make

In C++ enumeral mismatches in conditional expressions are also diagnosed and the warning is enabled by default. I've successfully edited the makefiles for this so they can compile on Ubuntu 12.04 x64. case 5: i = 5; ... } This warning is enabled by default for C and C++ programs. -Wsync-nand (C and C++ only)Warn when __sync_fetch_and_nand and __sync_nand_and_fetch built-in functions are used. date: invalid date '2016-10-16' How should I interpret "English is poor" review when I used a language check service before submission?

Numeric arguments that are known to be bounded to a subrange of their type, or string arguments whose output is bounded either by their directive's precision or by a finite set Does not warn about incomplete types. -Wstrict-overflow-Wstrict-overflow=nThis option is only active when -fstrict-overflow is active. This warning is more effective with link time optimization, where the information about the class hierarchy graph is more complete. I'm not sure that is the error though for sure because I thought I've seen them un-enclosed before.

See also -Wunknown-pragmas. -Wstrict-aliasingThis option is only active when -fstrict-aliasing is active. It is included in -Wall. Use of ISO C style function definitions. This is often not what the programmer expected, as illustrated in the above example by indentation the programmer chose.

This warning turns on -Wnarrowing and is enabled by -Wall. -Wc++14-compat (C++ and Objective-C++ only)Warn about C++ constructs whose meaning differs between ISO C++ 2011 and ISO C++ 2014. An alternative to increasing the size of the destination buffer is to constrain the range of formatted values. I.e. For example: (x * 10) / 5 is simplified to x * 2. -Wstrict-overflow=5Also warn about cases where the compiler reduces the magnitude of a constant involved in a comparison.

Preprocessed source stored into /tmp/ccyLmuPc.out file, please attach this to your bugreport. int a[2][2] = { 0, 1, 2, 3 }; int b[2][2] = { { 0, 1 }, { 2, 3 } }; This warning is enabled by -Wall. -Wmissing-include-dirs (C, C++, The warning message for each controllable warning includes the option that controls the warning. To suppress this warning use the unused attribute (see Variable Attributes). -Wno-unused-resultDo not warn if a caller of a function marked with attribute warn_unused_result (see Function Attributes) does not use its

IQ Puzzle with no pattern In the United States is racial, ethnic, or national preference an acceptable hiring practice for departments or companies in some situations? How should they look in the debian/rules file. However, -Wno-error=foo does not imply anything. Adv Reply December 4th, 2011 #3 Gen2ly View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Visit Homepage Iced Almond Soy Ubuntu, No Foam Join Date Nov 2006 Location There and back

These warnings occur for individual uninitialized or clobbered elements of structure, union or array variables as well as for variables that are uninitialized or clobbered as a whole. How can I make LaTeX break the word at the end of line more beautiful? Quick Navigation C Programming Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Forums Forums Home Forums General Programming Boards C++ Programming C Programming C# Programming Game Programming Networking/Device Communication However, without this option, certain GNU extensions and traditional C and C++ features are supported as well.

For example: switch (cond) { i = 15; ... Thus this warning depends on the optimization level. This warning detects various mistakes such as: int i = 1; ... switch (cond) { case 1: if (i > 3) { bar (5); break; } else if (i < 1) { bar (0); } else return; default: ... } Since there are

This approach suggested by ppannuto. 81f25a1 jhalderm added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 20, 2013 jhalderm = For some targets, it is made up of data only and thus requires no special treatment. Already have an account?

I have been looking for this error but i cant find it anywhere on the net. Also warn about ISO C constructs that have no traditional C equivalent, and/or problematic constructs that should be avoided. This allows the use of new -Wno- options with old compilers, but if something goes wrong, the compiler warns that an unrecognized option is present. -Wpedantic-pedanticIssue all the warnings demanded by This includes conversions between real and integer, like abs (x) when x is double; conversions between signed and unsigned, like unsigned ui = -1; and conversions to smaller types, like sqrtf

g++_4:4.6.1-2ubuntu5 g++-4.6_4.6.1-9ubuntu3 ... These warnings are made optional because GCC is not smart enough to see all the reasons why the code might be correct in spite of appearing to have an error. A switch statement has an operand of type long. For example, in: float area(float radius) { return 3.14159 * radius * radius; } the compiler performs the entire computation with double because the floating-point literal is a double. -Wduplicate-decl-specifier (C

I think I see what you mean. if (i > i) { ... } This warning is enabled by -Wall. -WtrampolinesWarn about trampolines generated for pointers to nested functions. In traditional C, some preprocessor directives did not exist. To suppress this warning cast the unused expression to void.

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