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ftp error code 1 Marvell, Arkansas

For example, if you get a code 426, the transfer was aborted and the connection closed. Even some "permanent" error conditions can be corrected, so the human user may want to direct his User-process to reinitiate the command sequence by direct action at some point in the The User-process is discouraged from repeating the exact request (in the same sequence). WinSCP does not use byte range locking. 26 Range lock refused A request for a byte range lock was refused.

If it is found that your problem was caused by product bug w/o available solution or workaround from Parallels, then your purchase will be re-funded. The server sent data curl couldn't parse. 9 FTP access denied. I Also have this problem: Can't upload file 'backup_info_1509070239.xml' to ftp. This error may be used locally, but must not be return by a server.

Error code: 1 Discussion in 'Plesk 12.x for Linux' started by Xavier12, Feb 11, 2015. Radius of Convergence of Infinite Series Best way to create "interruptable" executable Why does the state remain unchanged in the small-step operational semantics of a while loop? OndrejB, Sep 23, 2015 #18 (You must log in or sign up to reply here.) Show Ignored Content Share This Page Tweet Loading... When determining a course of action, review the entire log; some codes are informational only, others indicate that you have entered the wrong information, and others indicate what the information is

The syntax was not correct. 4 URL user malformatted. For troubleshooting CuteFTP connection problems, also refer to Troubleshooting CuteFTP Connection Problems. The LDAP library was not found. 41 Function not found. The user-part of the URL syntax was not correct. 5 Couldn't resolve proxy.

The server does not support this command. 503 Bad sequence of commands. The 6xx replies are Base64 encoded protected messages that serves as responses to secure commands. The requested page was not found. Couldn't continue an ear- lier aborted download. 37 FILE couldn't read file.

of the atom whose 1s electron moves nearly at the speed of light? Verify command sequence. 504 Command not implemented for that parameter. IgorG, Feb 13, 2015 #12 Neo New Pleskian 0 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 0 Hi same error on my server (OS CentOS 6.5 (Final), Plesk version 12.0.18 Ensure entered parameters are correct. 530 User not logged in.

Codes List Code Name Description Comment 0 OK Indicates successful completion of the operation. 1 EOF An attempt to read past the end-of-file was made; or, there are no more directory It may be returned by the server if the server does not implement an operation. 9 Invalid handle The handle value was invalid. 10 No such path The file path does The user should return to the beginning of the command sequence, if any. SFTP connection fails when password not specified in CuteFTP Site Properties or Quick Connect bar Submit a Ticket to Support Can GlobalSCAPE products be exported from the United States? (ECCN and

A quote command returned error from the server. 22 HTTP not found. at /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/plesk_agent_manager line 724 main::perform('verbose', 4, 'owner-type', 'reseller', 'split-size', undef, 'session-path', '/usr/local/psa/PMM/sessions/2013-11-20-113722.40', 'description', ...) called at /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/plesk_agent_manager line 1279 main::__ANON__() called at /usr/local/psa/PMM/agents/shared/Error.pm line 398 eval {...} called at /usr/local/psa/PMM/agents/shared/Error.pm line NOTE: The information below is only offered as a courtesy to assist you in telling your Internet Service Provider what the error is so that they can help solve your issue. JordiJ, Feb 13, 2015 #11 IgorG Forums Analyst Plesk Team 36 30% Messages: 21,166 Likes Received: 437 Trophy Points: 852 Location: Novosibirsk, Russia I can only recommend to create a request

No Yes University Training & Certification Product Expert Program Partners Become a Partner Company About Us Leadership Team Press Room Contact Us Keep in touch © 2016 Parallels IP Holdings But WinSCP never uses these. One plus nineteen equals This is to ensure that you’re a person, not a spambot. Error code: 1 JordiJ, Feb 13, 2015 #8 IgorG Forums Analyst Plesk Team 36 30% Messages: 21,166 Likes Received: 437 Trophy Points: 852 Location: Novosibirsk, Russia Have you

Advertisements: These servers would generally use code 4 (Failure) for many errors for which there is a specific code defined in the later versions of SFTP protocol, such as: Renaming a Xavier12, Feb 11, 2015 #3 abdi Platinum Pleskian 0 Messages: 2,913 Likes Received: 59 Trophy Points: 0 Hello Xavier, Just to rule out the problem being the FTP server, try A new request may be initiated. 3xx Positive Intermediate reply The command has been accepted, but the requested action is being held in abeyance, pending receipt of further information. This action successfully completes, and the data connection is closed. 227 Entering Passive Mode. (h1,h2,h3,h4,p1,p2) 230 User logged in, proceed.

Curl couldn't parse the reply sent to the USER request. 13 FTP weird PASV reply, Curl couldn't parse the reply sent to the PASV request. 14 FTP weird 227 format. Numbers outside this list are proprietary to the Server or Client that you are using. The SIZE command failed. The dump 'parallels_res1_info_1311201137.xml' have been leaved at repository '/usr/local/psa/PMM/tmp/backupJkI8Ug'.

Try switching to passive mode. 501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments. Fetch Softworks Fetch Roadshow News Blog Store Fetch 5.7 Roadshow 1.0 Your best friend for file transfer. This build of curl has no support for this protocol. 2 Failed to initialize. 3 URL malformat. For others' reference, the client advised they couldn't access the FTP due to a firewall issue at their end which they are working on fixing.

Only a part of the file was trans- fered. 19 FTP couldn't download/access the given file, the RETR (or similar) command failed. 20 FTP write error. Curl couldn't parse the 227-line the server sent. 15 FTP can't get host. This return code only appears if --fail is used. 23 Write error. The command is an extension to the original FTP spec RFC 959. 33 HTTP range error.

Unfortunately, OpenSSH SFTP server uses always description "Failure". The solution to this error is to "try logging back in; contact your hosting provider to check if you need to increase your hosting account; try disabling the firewall on your This may be a reply to any command if the service knows it must shut down. 425 Can't open data connection. 426 Connection closed; transfer aborted. 430 Invalid username or password Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Post as a guest Name

Xavier12 Regular Pleskian 0 Messages: 257 Likes Received: 4 Trophy Points: 0 Hey guys, Getting an error when my personal ftp server is setup correctly. Change from PASV to PORT mode, check your firewall settings, or try to connect via HTTP. 426 Connection closed; transfer aborted. Fernando_López, Aug 23, 2015 #14 Andrey Andronov New Pleskian 0 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 0 Location: Russia, Novosibirsk Hi! The PORT command failed. 31 FTP couldn't use REST.

Page type unknown. 552 Requested file action aborted. The given remote host was not resolved. 7 Failed to connect to host. 8 FTP weird server reply. You see this status code after the client sends a user name, regardless of whether the user name that is provided is a valid account on the system. 332 Need account Plesk and the Plesk logo are trademarks of Parallels IP Holdings GmbH.

Yes, I have twice as much of space for the backup and its still somehow sending back the error mentioned. IgorG, Feb 13, 2015 #9 JordiJ New Pleskian 0 Messages: 6 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 0 yes, of the two modes JordiJ, Feb 13, 2015 #10 JordiJ New sftp_codes.txt · Last modified: 2016-02-27 by martin Search Documentation This page Donate $9 $19 $49 $99 About donations Recommend Tweet Associations Hosted by SourceForge Webhosting RSS Feed with Project News You may have free support, please check what kind of Plesk license you use for available support options at http://kb.odin.com/en/121580 .

Also In This Category WebHelp not displaying properly in browser Does Globalscape have a replacement for CuteSITE Builder? Change the file name or delete spaces/special characters in the file name. 10,000 series Common Winsock Error Codes (complete list of Winsock error codes) 10054 Connection reset by peer. The given proxy host could not be resolved. 6 Couldn't resolve host.