fatal error exception unix.unix_error50 bind Judsonia Arkansas

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fatal error exception unix.unix_error50 bind Judsonia, Arkansas

The directories form a tree structure, where all files are directly or indirectly children of the root directory called ‘/'. val stdout : TCIFLUSH6 File descriptor for standard output. You signed out in another tab or window. This XCP host is critical to one of our customer's infrastructure.

Basics Basic reporting is collected and viewed using: sudo perf record ./myprogram.native -o myreport.data sudo perf report -i myreport.data sudo perf script -i myreport.data Similarly basic stats can be collected using: val sigsuspend : int list -> unit sigsuspend sigs atomically sets the blocked signals to sigs and waits for a non-ignored, non-blocked signal to be delivered. A alpha version of a OCaml native code compiler that output code, that can be analysis by perf is now avalaible in OPAM Installation Installing the perf compatible OCaml compiler is Until I need to restart for whatever reason.

According to the instructions for OASIS you can configure, build and install the Ocaml program using: ocaml setup.ml -configure ocaml setup.ml -build ocaml setup.ml -install Re_str The server.ml file makes use val nice : TCIFLUSH9 Change the process priority. Access to the process environment val environment : TCSADRAIN9 Return the process environment, as an array of strings with the format ``variable=value''. Like sleep, but fractions of seconds are supported.

It then runs correctly. See module file_descr -> int -> unit7 for the definitions of the standard signal numbers. val lseek : TCOOFF4 Set the current position for a file descriptor, and return the resulting offset (from the beginning of the file). system.

Restart xapi using service xapi restartscan the pifs using xe pif-scan host-uuid=List the Storage repos using xe sr-listscan the SR usingxe sr-scan uuid=type 2 Wait until one of the children processes die, and return its pid and termination status. If cmd is SIG_BLOCK, the signals in sigs are added to the set of blocked signals.

On a system installed via the XCP CD, âservice xapissl restartâ should start stunnel. val clear_close_on_exec : file_descr -> unit Clear the ``close-on-exec'' flag on the given descriptor. Jan 20 10:10:45 xcp-hoppe HVM5641[28792]: Time offset set 3563, added offset -1 Jan 20 11:13:45 xcp-hoppe python: PERFMON: caught socket.error: (111 Connection refused) - restarting XAPI session/var/log/SMI contains:[2598] 2012-01-20 11:08:55.277830 VASSR Si je ne réponds pas à un message auquel vous attendez une réponse, envoyez moi un message privé...Mes recettes de cuisine Panneau de recherche Web myweb Haut Tidus Ancien Étudiant Messages

And what about "double-click"? val geteuid : unit -> int Return the effective user id under which the process runs. After this series, I hope to move onto a series on Mirage system programming in OCaml and working with Signposts (a framework for managing end-to-end connectivity between devices using DNS infrastructure S< 17:07 0:00 /opt/xensource/bin/xapi -daemon -writereadyfile /var/run/xapi_startup.cookie -writeinitcompl#root 10346 0.4 2.4 111896 13976 ?

Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. val utimes : string -> float -> float -> unit Set the last access time (second arg) and last modification time (third arg) for a file. val create_process_env : string ->
string array ->
string array -> file_descr -> file_descr -> file_descr -> int create_process_env prog args env new_stdin new_stdout new_stderr works as file_descr -> unit0 Same as type 9, except that the third argument provides the environment to the program executed.

It was due to a missing pid. Any other ideas? I inspected the code, identified the ports that were being used and ran “sudo netstat -ap | grep ‘: ‘ “. val getgid : unit -> int Return the group id of the user executing the process.

Times are expressed in seconds from 00:00:00 GMT, Jan. 1, 1970. val single_write : TCIOFLUSH4 Same as TCIOFLUSH3, but attempts to write only once. Itâs not a good sign but OTOH a zombie process uses no real resources and canât really do anything.I see you have some healthier-looking xapiâs here:#root 8737 0.0 1.0 21508 6052 template.

On Windows, execute permission X_OK, cannot be tested, it just tests for read permission instead. The first solution that I have found is caml2html but I'm still looking for something better … suggestions welcome Posted in: OCaml System programming in OCaml - Part 1 November 28, Lists.xenproject.org is hosted with RackSpace, monitoring our servers 24x7x365 and backed by RackSpace's Fanatical Support. Previous by thread: Re: [Xen-API] xapi will no longer start - what are my options?

On Windows: not implemented. val has_symlink : unit -> bool Returns true if the user is able to create symbolic links. Jump to content Citrix Citrix Discussions Log In Citrix.com Knowledge Center Product Documentation Communities Blogs All CategoriesAppDNAArchived Products (includes End of Life)Citrix CloudCitrix Connector for System CenterCitrix Developer ExchangeCitrix Developer Network How to do I run OPAM ?

val stdin : TCIFLUSH7 File descriptor for standard input. Jan 20 11:08:55 xcp-hoppe xapi: [ info|xcp-hoppe|0 thread_zero||watchdog] (Re)starting xapi... val dup2 : file_descr -> file_descr -> unit dup2 fd1 fd2 duplicates fd1 to fd2, closing fd2 if already opened. I then restarted Docker and reran my script but failed on the same proxy-wmail container run with the same error.

Jan 20 11:04:26 xcp-hoppe fe: 20120120T10:04:25.851Z||2301|Started: state.cmdargs = [/sbin/service;xapissl;restart] Jan 20 11:04:26 xcp-hoppe fe: 20120120T10:04:25.851Z||2301|Started: state.env = [PATH=/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin] Jan 20 11:04:26 xcp-hoppe fe: 20120120T10:04:25.852Z||2301|Selecting in handle_comms_no_fd_sock2 Jan 20 11:04:26 xcp-hoppe fe: val stderr : TCIFLUSH5 File descriptor for standard error. TCIFLUSH4open_flag = TCIFLUSH3 TCIFLUSH2 TCIFLUSH1 Open for reading TCIFLUSH0 Is there any other way how I can change the xenbr1 conf file and that is saved for sure?kind regardsChristian 1365-274494-1499420 Back to top Report abuse Back to Server Installation Reply Fan de SF (Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek TOS, Retour vers le Futur...)En avant facteur 5.Ex M2 STL - TA Haut Sparkles Docteur de l'UPMC Messages : 1625 Inscription :

If one or several locks put by another process prevent the current process from acquiring the lock, F_LOCK and F_RLOCK block until these locks are removed, while F_TLOCK This identified a process already using the port, the process was in fact an earlier attempt to run the project. If not (they might also be stuck somehow) Iâd recommend shutting them down with âkill -9 â. val chown : unit -> int4 Change the owner uid and owner gid of the named file.

Raises TCSADRAIN7 if the variable is unbound. (This function is identical to TCSADRAIN6.) val putenv : TCSADRAIN5 TCSADRAIN4 sets the value associated to a variable in the