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After Data Studio was configured, I left some slack on the string, pressed zero on the force sensor, and clicked start in data studio. It was hypothesized that anobject’s mass will not have an effect on the coefficient of friction. Thecalculation that is used to find the force of friction is F f  = μF N , where “ F f  ” represents theforce of friction and “ F N ” turin, Sep 22, 2009 Sep 22, 2009 #3 chrisfnet So if the string isn't horizontal/parallel to the board, the normal force is changed and the whole acceleration of the system is

Get it on the web or iPad! It was determinedexperimentally that the coefficient of static friction for wood was .4321 ± 2.6% and thecoefficient of kinetic friction for wood was .2982 ± 3.8%.STUDENT:Huard, AndrewPARTNER:Cosco, AndreaINSTRUCTOR:Mr. For kinetic friction the coefficient of friction is supposed to be between 0.1 and 0.3, and our coefficient of 0.1275 which is between the range it is supposed to be. In the case that the string were too "high" at the pulley, friction would be reduced and if the string were too "low" at the pulley, friction would be increased?

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. It takes more force to overcome friction when the object is at rest than it does to keep the object moving. If we did these two things we would significantly reduce the potential for error in this laboratory. Data: ANALYSIS: Graph: *NOTE I was given old data, and was thus not able to get a class average to do percent difference and percent error FBD For the Cart: Sample

The aforementioned normal force isthe force that the surface beneath an object exerts in order to cancel the force of gravity. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? This data makes sense, because static friction is always larger than kinetic friction for any given material, because there's a higher force needed to move an object from rest than to Both Newtons and grams are graduated on the Ohaus (Model8003-MN) spring scale.  s    f    (  ± 25) grams 400400400400380 Table 1 Averaging the values for   f  s in table 1,  s

The commo E104 - Newtons Second Law of Motion.docx 5 pages FINAL E104.docx Mapúa Institute of Technology PHY 10 - Summer 2014 ANALYSIS Newtons second law of motion states that a The inconsistencies in the surface would cause different readings for the forces depending on how rough or smooth it was.2. This introduces a pretty significant margin of error. Tocalculate the force of static friction using an angled surface, the calculation μ s = tanθ , where“ θ ” is equal to the measurement of the angle in degrees, can

A 400-gram weight is placed on topof the block to make measurements easier. Rougher surfaces yield a greater static and kinetic frictional force. Discuss if your measured results fall within the range of theoretical values. Log in Sign up Home Mapúa Institute of Technology PHY PHY 10 4.docx Possible sources of error the cart track has friction SCHOOL Mapúa Institute of Technology COURSE TITLE PHY 10

Conclusion: Our hypothesis were fairly accurate. First, we will find the mass of the friction dynamic cart, and then place the cart on the track, with a 500g mass in it. Are you sure you want to continue?CANCELOKWe've moved you to where you read on your other device.Get the full title to continueGet the full title to continue reading from where you This can also be applied to scenarios like a tow truck and a tire to road contact.

Observations: Figure 1 Observations of the Kinetic Friction between the Wooden SurfacesTrialm block  (kg)*m added (kg)m total (kg)F normal (N) F applied (N) ** 10.35300.3533.460.7020.3530.1000.4534.440.7530.3530.2000.5535.421.040.3530.4000.7537.381.350.3531.001.35313.262.4It is important to note the possibility For Static friction the coefficient of friction is supposed to be between 0.25 and 0.4. THE EXPERIMENTPart 1: Static VS Kinetic Friction The intent of this part of the experiment is to calculate thecoefficients of static and kinetic friction, µ s and µ k  , between The data isshown in table 2.

The website we referenced above also confirmed this... How does the value of coefficient of kinetic friction compare to the value for the same material’s coefficient of static friction? View Full Document IV. Friction is equal to weight which is mass*gravity.

These sources of error would be small but ultimately that account for the slight variations that we saw. I then highlighted the maximum point, and recorded this value as the maximum tension. If the people are pulling the object up their driveway they need to know the coefficient of friction in order to determine how many people they are going to need to If the weight were to increase and the force of friction were to stay constant, the coefficient of friction would have to decrease, and if the weight decreased, the coefficient of

What are the variables that you assign from experimental input, what are the variables that you assign from experiemental output, and what are the unknowns that you are trying to find? Getting the Initial Velocity of the Projectile On this III.docx 5 pages 2.docx Mapúa Institute of Technology PHY 10 - Spring 2013 III. The friendliest, high quality science and math community on the planet! You should try to understand this experiment in terms of the techniques that you have learned to solve the textbook friction problems.

Our source was 3. chrisfnet, Sep 22, 2009 Sep 22, 2009 #5 turin Homework Helper Yes, I believe that you are correct. (Note: there are three components of tension for the three spatial dimensions. Loading... How would you experimentally determine its value?

When we insert the Force Meter USB link into a laptop, we will choose DataStidio, click "New Experiment," "SETUP," check "Force-Pull Positive," and uncheck "Force Push Positive." On the display of Static friction isdefined as:  f  s = µ s F n (1)where µ s is the coefficient of static friction and F n is the normal force. However our coefficient of friction was slightly lower at 0.2025. Why should the coefficient of kinetic friction be less than the static one?

It was larger than kinetic but was not that close to one. Sign up to view the full content. Measure force on spring scale.4. This is because the lower the coefficient is the less friction and the more sliding that will ultimately occur. - Normal force and Friction force are directly proportional to each other,