freenas file system full error Sells Arizona

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freenas file system full error Sells, Arizona

No, create an account now. When we delete a file, its disk space is not free'd. Forums Welcome to our community forum! Skip to content Quick links N4F wiki The team FAQ Login Register Board index TUNE-UP NAS4Free Basic Tune-up Latest News2016-10-07: NAS4Free - released!We really need "Your" help on NAS4Free

It certainly does on my system when I forget to kill a process (I'm looking at you nfsd) before I unmount a filesystem. … On Jun 27,2013, at 16:46 , Tim Since I did this upgrade the Wake On Lan function is not working anymore, despite the fact that I have enabled it in the BIOS. It only releases the space of the deleted files when I unmount the filesystem. This has worked fine for about six months until yesterday when I was told I needed to recreate a backup of one of my machines: There wasn't enough space to

Why is the spacesuit design so strange in Sunshine? This is the same amount my FS is occupying more than I've estimated. Er ror was Can't assign requested address So same as what i posted just previously. It also provided a clean mechanism for the VFS to discard cached xattrs which hadn't been used in a long time and were just wasting memory.

Top raulfg3 Site Admin Posts: 3867 Joined: 22 Jun 2012 22:13 Location: Madrid (ESPAÑA) Contact: Contact raulfg3 Website Status: Offline Re: /var filesystem full (x64 embedded) Post #21 by raulfg3 » I have no problem with nuking tank/TimeMachine and recreating it with xattr=sa. @kpande: I was planning on upgrading to zfs-0.6.4 sometime soon, but haven't had the time yet. I stored all files in the root filesystem instead of in datasets, but has since created datasets and been moving the files to them. If you have another USB key I'd use it.

There is not other processes accessing the files and no descriptor marked as "deleted" in /proc//fd/. darky83 commented Jul 28, 2015 Same issue, this is on a blank new system (VM): /data01 is my raidz test drive: dd if=/dev/zero of=/data01/zerofile1 bs=1M count=1024 1024+0 records in 1024+0 records Log in or Sign up FreeNAS Community Home Forums > FreeNAS Forum > Help & Support > New to FreeNAS? > freenas 8.2 file system full error Discussion in 'New to what is taking up so much spaceClick to expand...

ringingliberty commented Nov 25, 2015 @discostur Remember that each file must be created with xattr=sa set, in order for it to work. nzrf commented Nov 15, 2015 dmesg | egrep "ZFS|SPL" [ 5.356157] SPL: Loaded module v0.6.5.3-1 [ 5.416386] ZFS: Loaded module v0.6.5.3-1, ZFS pool version 5000, ZFS filesystem version 5 [ 7.110370] So much fiasco though, i was trying to use the system locally before and the errors kept popping up and i couldnt get back to the main Freenas console(on the local Or, 2) Never add xattr directories or inodes to the super blocks LRU or the inode cache.

ZFS on Linux member kpande commented Apr 19, 2015 Can you update to zfs-9999 on that machine? Error - should be sent to WINS server Well, thats odd! FWIW, I'm running ZFS 0.6.3 on Gentoo, with ZFS on root: [ 2.559789] SPL: Loaded module v0.6.3-r0-gentoo [ 2.603726] ZFS: Loaded module v0.6.3-r0-gentoo, ZFS pool version 5000, ZFS filesystem version 5 Are the properties of "element zero" feasible?

You need to do zdb -dddd stor2 and look at the whole thing (with more or less or whatever). I'm not certain yet, but with I'm seeing far less of this issue Cheers Toby … On Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 3:10 AM, erocm123 ***@***.***> wrote: I did not The files might be in use, after all. Is this what you mean by incompatible with other ZFS implementations ?

It modifies and restructures enough code that I'm afriad some of it will overlap with the fixes necessary to re-work the xattr inode handling. Gluster uses extended attributes. @dweeezil, Does it start happening immediately after a reboot or does the system have to run for awhile? Besides, it reports 0 in the "freeing" property: [[email protected] ~]# zpool list -o name,size,allocated,free,freeing NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE FREEING gfs 680G 372G 308G 0 [[email protected] ~]# du -sh /gfs/ 273G /gfs/ Why are unsigned numbers implemented?

Dataset looks like this: used 27,4G - dpool01/dataset1 available 1,23G - dpool01/dataset1 referenced 28,1G - dpool01/dataset1 compressratio 1.68x - dpool01/dataset1 compression lz4 inherited from dpool01 dpool01/dataset1 usedbysnapshots 70,4M - dpool01/dataset1 usedbydataset Also available in: Atom PDF Loading... Reverting zfsonlinux/[email protected] against master as of zfsonlinux/[email protected] does allow for the space consumed by a file with xattrs to be freed. I started tracking down the cause of this xattr problem this morning and have made good progress.

Deleting files does not reclaim space even in child datasets. ColdCanuck commented Jun 27, 2013 Sorry to butt in, but if the files were truly "stuck open" at a system level, wouldn't umount complain vigorously ??? fabiokorbes commented Jun 29, 2013 Yes, it fixed my problem. deajan commented Apr 20, 2015 @Falken42 I had that issue with 0.6.2 and some testing builds before0.6.3 when files were created over smb and xattr was set to on, and yes,

fabiokorbes commented Jun 26, 2013 Here it is the zdb -d output, before... [[email protected] ~]# zdb -d gfs Dataset mos [META], ID 0, cr_txg 4, 91.2M, 204 objects Dataset gfs [ZPL], Does that do xattrs behind my back? y # df -h | grep data data01/fs 15G 128K 15G 1% /data01/fs discostur commented Nov 2, 2015 Hello, i'm experiencing the same problem on Centos 7.1 with dmesg | egrep If a file has an existing directory=based xattr and then xattr=sa is enabled, an update of the existing xattr will actually create a brand new SA-based xattr with the same name.

Because it takes several minutes to complete.