error-resilient packet header compression Arivaca Arizona

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error-resilient packet header compression Arivaca, Arizona

The IETF invites any interested party to bring to its attention any copyrights, patents or patent applications, or other proprietary rights that may cover technology that may be required to implement In other words, the aim of context transfer is to re-establish the services in the case of handovers efficiently without requiring the mobile host to explicitly perform all protocol flows for of Globecom 2004, Dallas, Texas, Nov 2004. The key feature that allows efficient header compression is that in a packet flow most header fields are identical in consecutive packets.

Okt. 2000GebührenstatusBezahltAuch veröffentlicht unterUS20020071432 Veröffentlichungsnummer09802698, 802698, US 7069495 B2, US 7069495B2, US-B2-7069495, US7069495 B2, US7069495B2 ErfinderJohan Söderberg, Lars WestbergUrsprünglich BevollmächtigterTelefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (Publ)Zitat exportierenBiBTeX, EndNote, RefManPatentzitate (7), Nichtpatentzitate (5), Referenziert von Otherwise, a compression state and context is established in step S10. Data Encapsulation In the EFR byte described in section 0, if L=0, the redundancy length field occupies 1 byte, i.e., the parity code length is less than 256 bytes; if L=1, However, when header compression is applied and a bit error occurs in a full header, a single bit error may cause the loss of a large number of subsequent header compressed

This will lead to considerable improvements of the application quality, and interesting applications in this regard are compressed voice, compressed video or other applications with similar requirements on bit error resilience. Table I below illustrates the PID values for different types of packets, and also whether or not a faulty HDLC checksum should be used to discard a packet based on the It is inappropriate to use Internet-Drafts as reference material or to cite them other than as "work in progress." The list of current Internet-Drafts can be accessed at The list For an SDU with multiple subflows with the ‘yes’ setting, there may be one error indication per subflow, or, if there is only one error indication per SDU, it indicates that

The basic problem of secure link layers such as the HDLC link layer is that any frame with an error indicated by the link layer checksum is normally discarded. There are multiple retransmissions within a codeword. Nosratinia, "A hybrid ARQ scheme for resilient packet header compression," accepted, Asilomar 2005 , Pacific Grove, California, Dec 2005. The encapsulated packet has the same format as in Figure 4. .

It is another object of the invention to improve the application quality, such as the speech quality, for IP-based real-time applications. Loughney (ed), Context Transfer Protocol (CXTP), RFC4067,July 2005. [8] Bluetooth Core Specification 1.2, Feb. 2003 [9] J. Juni 2006Eingetragen9. The Internet Protocol is an internetwork protocol, and provides a means for communication across linked networks.

When the decompressor finds that a compressed header carries a generation number other than the generation number of the compression state for that packet flow, the compression state is out of Performance of the proposed RS based scheme vs. The application decoder will deal with the received erroneous packets using various error concealment techniques. For example, in a Bluetooth Zhikui Chen Expires - [Page 13] An Adaptive FEC to Protect RoHC and UDP-Lite Video Vital Data September 2006 connection set-up, a Bluetooth user profile “pand“

U-mode has to refresh the compressed header using the uncompressed header with at least a 6% frequency at the packet level, so that header compression efficiency will decrease at least 5%. On the other hand, due to randomicity of bit errors, periodic refreshes can not prevent error propagation and propagation losses caused by damaged compressed headers. Zhikui Chen Expires - [Page 3] An Adaptive FEC to Protect RoHC and UDP-Lite Video Vital Data September 2006 Therefore, maximal header compression efficiency expects to reduce refresh packets in U-mode If the decode overhead is correct, the packet will be delivered to the transport layer via the IP layer as there are no error checksums in the IP layer.

Sept. 200414. Dez. 20085. Header compression reduces the negative impacts of large IP headers significantly, and allows efficient bandwidth utilization. März 2009Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (Publ)Header compression methodUS75738721.

Convolutional codes offer an interesting alternative in FEC coding. Please address the information to the IETF at [email protected] the packet headers (one uncompressed and several compressed headers) are bundled together and presented to the RS encoder. Accordingly, the principles of the invention can be used not only in connection with the RFC 2507 and RFC 2508 IETF standards, but also together with other header compression techniques such

An additional problem is that the residual BER is nontrivial, i.e., the lower layers can sometimes deliver frames containing undetected errors. Juni 2003Martin HansMethod for signalling different header informationUS20040034717 *11. By defining a number of local checksums, and using the fact that higher level checksums, such as the UDP checksum, protect themselves, all fields of the compressed header can be protected Chen, Y.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION Throughout the drawings, the same reference characters will be used for corresponding or similar elements. The UDP checksum protects itself, since a faulty checksum normally results in a dropped packet at the UDP layer. Juli 2000Nokia Mobile Phones LtdMethod for transmitting data transmission flows* Vom Prüfer zitiertNichtpatentzitateReferenz1L. AFEC Payload and its PDU Encapsulation........................8 4.1 AFEC Payload Format.......................................8 4.2 Vital Data Protection.....................................9 4.3 AFEC Payload Encapsulation...............................10 5.

ROHC RObust Header Compression. The other available checksums, on the UDP level and for the IPv4 header, would be redundant in this case. For example, PPP is commonly used together with the High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) Protocol, and often for Internet connections over dial-up lines where PPP links are established between users and IP packets, over point-to-point links are the Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) and the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).

The first is the sender encoded value, EFR, which is encapsulated in the AFEC packet, the second is the PBER (the maximal value of all SDUs of the current PDCP PDU